On our site you can find current latest scrap metal prices in the UK. Overall, scrap metal prices differ based on material and your location. We provide a range of different prices for all of your different types of scrap metal across various different regions. We have the current scrap metal prices  uk for metal dealers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh and in many other cities across the UK. The most profitable and sought after scrap metals include copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron, lead,  scrap cars and even copper pipes. Recycling scrap metal through metal dealers can be a very good way to make a some cash and the best way to ensure you are getting good value (per kilo or per tonne) for your scrap metal is to check it on our website.

SScrap metal prices in the UK have been on the rise in recent months, driven by a combination of factors including increased demand from China and India, supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a shortage of raw materials such as iron ore and copper.

According to industry sources, the current average price for scrap metal in the UK is around £120 per tonne for steel and £3500 per tonne for copper. These prices are significantly higher than they were a year ago, when the average price for steel was around £80 per tonne and copper was around £2700 per tonne.

The increase in scrap metal prices has been a boon for scrap metal dealers and recyclers, who have seen their profits rise as a result. However, the rising prices have also led to concerns among manufacturers and other businesses that rely on scrap metal as a raw material, as they face increased costs and supply chain disruptions.

The UK government has also taken notice of the rising scrap metal prices, and has implemented measures to crack down on metal theft, which has become a growing problem in recent years. The government has introduced legislation that requires scrap metal dealers to verify the identity of anyone selling scrap metal, and has increased penalties for metal theft.

Despite these concerns, industry experts expect scrap metal prices to remain strong in the coming months, driven by strong demand from China and India, as well as ongoing supply chain disruptions and shortages of raw materials. This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, as the global economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and demand for raw materials remains high.

Overall, the current scrap metal prices in the UK reflect a complex mix of global economic factors and supply chain disruptions, and are likely to remain volatile in the coming months. As with any commodity, businesses and individuals should stay informed of market trends and seek expert advice when buying or selling scrap metal.

Scrap metal prices UK can vary by city and town, the truth is that scrap metal prices per kg/ton are high and many people have got lots of it lying around and could net you quite a bit of cash when selling it to a recycle or scrap yard. Scrap cars, leftover copper piping and wiring, soft drink cans, and even broken appliances such as cookers and washing machines are all considered scrap metal. Scrap metal prices UK vary daily so before you head to your local scrap yard to sell your scrap metal it could be a good idea to check scrap metal prices.

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Scrap Metal Prices UK

Scrap Metal Prices UK Guide

Below is a general scrap metal prices uk guide that is updated daily, the guide illustrates scrap metal prices being paid by a UK Scrap Yard on 11/06/2017. They are the scrap metal prices being paid by a trusted UK based scrap yard and are a very good indicator of what you should expect to receive for your scrap metal in the UK.
Scrap Metal Prices in the UK

Non-Ferrous Metal Prices Per Ton

Metal Type Price Per Ton
Aluminium £1,840
Aluminium Alloy £1,320
Copper £6,580
Brass £5,060
Lead £1,790
Nickel £14,500
Tin £19,970
Zinc £2,120

Ferrous Metal Prices Per Ton

Metal Type Price Per Ton
Steel Scrap £310
Steel Rebar £460

Precious Metal Prices Per Ton

Metal Type Price Per Gram Price Per Ton
Gold (24ct) £49.77 £49,770,000
Palladium £19.41 £19,410,000
Platinum £16.81 £16,810,000
Silver £0.48 £480,000
Get The Latest Scrap Metal Prices in The UK
For a list of scrap yards in your area click the appropriate link and you can then contact the most suitable scrap yard to find out the prices per kg/tonne they are paying on the day.

Types of Scrap Metal you can Sell For Top Prices in the UK?

All kinds of scrap metal have a price and can be sold for cash ,although you should take note that most scrap yards will not buy electrical equipment as scrap metal as the process of removing the scrap metal is not easy. The most common scrap metals that can be recycled for the best scrap metal prices and are accepted at almost all scrap metal recyclers and scrap yards for top prices include:




Stainless Steel





Scrap Car Battery Prices


It is worth knowing that scrap metal can be found within various old appliances, TV's and computer equipment many people in the UK now sell their old scrap metal for cash.

Scrap Metal Prices UK Scrap/Recycle Metal Info?

Recycled aluminium cans can go from your bin to another aluminium product in only 60 days? Recycling Scrap Metal helps us look after our environment by reducing the amount of raw materials being used.

Understanding the value that your scrap metal has enables you to be sure you are being offered bad or good scrap metal prices from your local scrap yard or metal recycler.

All scrap yards buy non ferrous metals, non ferrous metals including Aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and more can be recycled time and time again and at the moment scrap yards are screaming out for all types of scrap metals and most offer competitive scrap metal prices in the UK.

One important thing to remember when you are looking for scrap metal prices in the UK is that it is possible to find a range of different types of scrap metal materials within many items of electronic equipment. Despite this, most scrap yards will not accept these items as scrap metal. Their reasoning is that it is particularly difficult for them to extract the metal from these items. Because of this you would need to find a scrap metal specialist to sell these items to.

Grades of Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal Prices UK
Grade 1 - These types of scrap metal do not have any other alloy types associated with them. In order to be classified as grade 1, the piece of scrap must be of specific dimensions and should not be in any way corroded. Grade 1 scrap metal is generally regarded as being pure.
Grade 2 - Contrary to grade 1 examples of scrap, grade 2 pieces consist of alloys in addition to the main material. Similar to grade 1, grade 2 should also not be corroded or mixed with any other non-alloy materials.
Other Types - In addition to the above types, sheets and castings are specialist types of scrap that can be worth more than more generic forms of metal.

Here is a live scrap metal prices chart, on this you can view the exact value of scrap metal. Scrap yards obviously offer lower prices than the ones displayed on the chart but you can still use the chart to get a rough idea of the true value of your scrap metals.

Scrap Metal Recycling Prices UK
There a wide range of benefits of recycling scrap metal in the UK, not only can it make you some extra cash, it also massively helps us keep the planet clean. We do not need to scour our planet for more materials if we reuse them over and over again. Scrap metal can be reused hundreds of times, saving thousands of pounds worth of energy. Not only that, but Uk scrap yards also help to ensure that all of our metal using industries have the materials to keep running, without allowing all of the valuable scrap metal pieces simply ending up in a landfill.

Types Of Scrap Metal You Can Sell For Top Prices Per KG/Tonne in the UK

In the UK and many other countries Scrap is generally broken down into various different types of subdivisions, ferrous metals and non ferrous metals. There are other types of scrap metal that will usually be accepted by scrap yards, these are detailed more thoroughly below: 

Types of machinery from industrial facilities.
Metallic waste produce from industrial facilities.
Non-functional motor vehicles including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and more.

Examples of ferrous scrap metals UK scrap yards will pay top prices for include various types of iron and steel. These types of metal are regularly located within ordinary UK household appliances and utensils. All in all you will find that recycling ferrous scrap will usually return substantially lower scrap metal prices than non ferrous scrap. Do not let this put you off recycling these types of metals because it is still possible to make a significant amount of money from it.

Examples of non ferrous scrap metals that UK Scrap Yards will be more than willing to buy include (these are the most popular forms) copper, aluminium, brass and more. 

Many people in the UK are completely unaware of the widespread availability to scrap metal vendors who are exceptionally keen to purchase scrap metal every single day. While most UK scrap yards have specific standards for each individual type of scrap metal, if you meet these then it couldn't be easier to turn your materials into a great price using our scrap metal prices above. 

Some examples of the best metals to sell for top prices per tonne/kg in the uk include aluminium; a number of different types of cabling, radiators, wheels, extrusion, sheets, castings and more. Similarly for copper there is cabling, coils, wires and a variety of different types of alloys too.

As you can see, determining the type of scrap that you possess can be a convoluted matter that is off putting for the majority of people. However, once you get past this step it is possible to make a lot of money by taking each piece to a UK scrap metal yard.

Why you should look to sell your scrap metal for top UK prices now
Recycling scrap metal in the UK can provide a number of benefits; monetarily, charitably and environmentally too. While many may only be concerned about getting the best prices for their scrap metal, they forget about the benefits that recycling scrap metal offers for the earth.

Scrap metal prices are clearly a big drawing factor for people looking to make extra money from their scrap metal in the uk. Not only this, but by donating metals to scrap yards you will benefit your local community as the scrap yard will also gain revenue following the metals recycling, consequently this is then spent on the development of your community.

Scrap metal recycling, as I mentioned previously, reduces the requirement for mining metals elsewhere in the world to support the increasing demand for ferrous and non ferrous metals. In addition, recycling also prevents landfill sites across the UK from becoming clogged up with waste metal - instead it can be utilised again and again

Best Scrap Metal prices UK? 

The Price of scrap metal exchanges simply like a securities exchange does in the UK. This implies the spot value that you may get for your scrap metals today could be altogether different tomorrow. UK scrap metal prices are additionally represented by territorial and neighbourhood request, so the prices in London can be altogether different than the prices in Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester. However all areas make them thing in like manner: you can offer scrap metal to profit. 

The procedure of offering scrap metal is truly straightforward. 

Find your scrap metal merchant. A few merchants are required by neighbourhood laws to just arrangement in scrap metals. Others are finished reusing focuses. You will discover freely and exclusive scrap yards relying upon your area. Most UK laws will oblige you to neighbourhood your nearby scrap merchant and work with them. 

Convey the scrap metal to your merchant. In case you're hoping to scrap your auto, then you might need to have the scrap metal merchant transport your vehicle from your property. Else you'll need to take the scrap to your merchant since you'll profit that way. 

Ensure the scrap metal is spotless. From sand in aluminium jars to intertwined metals or combinations, numerous states in the UK control the nature of scrap metal that can be conveyed to a merchant. Taking into account this quality, you'll have the capacity to comprehend what scrap prices are accessible to you. 

At the point when getting some information about metal reusing prices, there are by and large two sorts that are examined: ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Every metal is then appointed an evaluation in view of the state of the scrap displayed. By then, the scrap metal will be weighed and you'll be offered a rate that depends on the spot cost of the day with a merchant premium included – they must profit as well. 

What Is the Contrast Amongst Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap? 

This is the issue that practically every scrap merchant in the uk answers at any rate once every day. In all actuality the contrast amongst ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals is really straightforward. Ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous metals don't. At the point when taking a gander at your normal bit of scrap metal, nonetheless, it can be hard to discern whether there is any iron contained inside it. 

Ferrous metals are utilized as a result of their rigidity. They have a tendency to be more solid than different metals, making them helpful for building scaffolds, skyscrapers, and private lodging. Roadways, train tracks and even the blades in your kitchen are all ordinarily made with ferrous metals. Solid metal, created iron, mellow steel, and carbon steel are only a couple of case of the ferrous metals you'll discover. 

Since the carbon inside the metal takes into consideration oxidization (the specialized term for rust), it can be anything but difficult to tell numerous ferrous metals. Most ferrous metals additionally have a tendency to be attractive. This is the most widely recognized scrap on the planet, with more than 1 billion tons of steel being created each year and 500 million tonnes of it originating from reused materials. 

Non-ferrous metals oppose consumption better, yet they likewise have a tendency to be more moaldable than ferrous metals. This permits them to be made into a shape that is solid and usable. They're additionally not attractive, which makes them helpful to be utilized around power and PC segments. The most well-known non-ferrous metal that is reused is aluminium. 

There's Likewise a Third Scrap Metal Class to Consider 

Here and there isolating the scrap metal from a substantial thing is troublesome for the proprietor of the scrap to do. Could you envision attempting to scrap your own auto into its base metal parts to then convey it to a merchant? On the other hand attempting to dismantle a clothes washer so you can scrap the metal segments inside? Hence, you'll see that numerous scrap merchants will offer a third valuing class taking into account the apparatus or vehicle being scrapped. 

A few merchants may offer a level rate for all mass scrap metal that is offered in this structure. Others may separate it by machine or vehicle. For instance: one merchant may offer one rate for all family apparatuses that are being scrapped while another offers a particular rate for dryers, another rate for iceboxes, and a third rate for clothes washers. 

You won't get the going rate for scrap metal when you offer an auto or machine as scrap. This is on the grounds that the merchant needs to dismantle the vehicle or machine to get to the useable metals. You'll likely be offered a reduced rate taking into account the heaviness of the vehicle or apparatus. In spite of the fact that the prices are lower, the advantage is clear – you no more have the scrap metal consuming up room on your property and there's even trade out your wallet or tote. 

What Is the Evaluating Contrast Between the Two Metals? 

Since non-ferrous scrap metal is harder to drop by than ferrous metals, the prices per pound are better for them. Inside every centre metal gathering are sub-classifications in view of what the genuine scrap metal happens to be. Here are a few case of scrap metal evaluating so you comprehend what's in store in case you're taking things to be reused to your neighbourhood merchant. 

Copper. This metal is isolated into material, tubing, and wire classes. Each is evaluated with a #1, #2, or #3 rating.

Stainless Steel. The numbers allocated to stainless steel are an impression of the genuine compound and nature of materials that was utilized to make it. The arrangement range from 100-600 with particular numbers relegated to the metal. Most merchants will offer a for every pound rate for 300 arrangement stainless steel. 

Aluminium. This scrap metal is interesting in light of the fact that it comes in a few distinctive structures. Fundamental aluminium jars are reused with a for every pound rate in states where there is no compartment store enactment. Some aluminium is blended with copper and this is sold at an alternate rate, as with a radiator. Distinctive aluminium compounds, for example, #6061 or #6063, have unstable spot prices that change habitually for the duration of the day. It can be found in siding, turnings, in wire, or be offered in a stack of general aluminium scrap. 

As should be obvious, on the off chance that you need to recognize what prices will get for your scrap metal, you'll have to realize what sort of metal you're offering and what grade it will be doled out. Splendid metals that are spotless and simple to reuse will dependably summon the best prices, particularly when taking a gander at the scrap metal rates for non-ferrous metals. 

What Is the price of Scrap Metal Per kg/tonne/ton 

As a disclaimer, the prices of scrap metals in the Assembled States can change once a day. The prices offered beneath ought to be utilized as a manual for get a thought of what might be conceivable to get at your nearby merchant. Nearby and local impacts in your state or domain can make spot prices higher or lower. Merchants might be required to charge an alternate premium rate above spot cost or include particular duties that detract from your own benefit. 

Be set up to show distinguishing proof that incorporates your present location. Due to scrap metal robbery, merchants in each of the 50 states are required to keep a log of when clients come to offer scrap metal. 

Note that there aren't any quality appraisals recorded for these ferrous metals. For whatever length of time that the metal can be recognized as fitting inside one of these classes, then this is the normal rate that will be offered by a UK scrap merchant. One ton levels with 2,000 pounds. 

Contingent upon your area merchant's authorizing and laws, you may likewise have the capacity to reuse scrap lead parts. Particular laws regularly represent the taking care of and transport of scrap lead, so you might be required to have the merchant expel this scrap metal from your property.

There are likewise various scrap metals not recorded here that are acknowledged by a lion's share of merchants in the Assembled States, yet the exchanging cost is exceedingly unstable. This incorporates a few sorts of metal, exhaust systems, certain evaluations of copper, aluminium compounds with ferrous materials, and 100-200+400-600 Arrangement stainless steel.