Here you can find the current scrap metal prices being paid by scrap yards in Halifax UK. In general, scrap metal prices differ based on material and your location. We provide a range of different scrap yards for  all of your different types of scrap metal across Halifax. We have the current scrap metal prices in Halifax and the UK. The most profitable and sought after scrap metals  you can sell for top scrap metal prices in Halifax include copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron, lead,  scrap cars and even copper pipes. Recycling scrap metal through metal dealers in Halifax can be a very good way to make a some cash and the best way to ensure you are getting good top prices for your scrap metal in Halifax (per kilo or per tonne) is to check listed scrap yards and metal dealers around Halifax on our website.


Scrap Metal Prices vary from scrap yard to scrap yard in Halifax. Fact is that Halifax is a great city to find scrap yards that offer great scrap metal prices per kg/ton. Many of Halifax's population have got lots of scrap metals lying around and could net you quite a bit of cash when selling it to a recycle or scrap yard in Halifax. Scrap cars, left over copper piping and wiring, soft drink cans, and even broken appliances such as cookers and washing machines are all considered scrap metal. Scrap metal prices offer by scrap yards in Halifax and the UK vary daily so before you head to your local scrap yard to sell your scrap metal it could be a good idea to check the scrap metal prices by giving them a call.


All kinds of scrap metal have a price and can be sold for good prices in Halifax although you should take note that most scrap yards in Halifax will not buy electrical equipment as scrap metal as the process of removing the scrap metal is not easy. The most common scrap metals that can be recycled for the best scrap metal prices in Halifax and are accepted at almost all scrap metal recycle companies and scrap yards include:




Stainless Steel





Scrap Car Battery Prices


Halifax Scrap Metal Prices Guide

Below is a general guide that illustrates typical scrap metal prices you will get for scrap metal in Halifax. The prices listed below vary because scrap yards generally vary by area and obviously the quality of the metal affects the price too.

Scrap Metal Prices Halifax UK
Type of Scrap MetalPrice
Copper £1.97 to £2.95 per Kilo
Mixed Copper £2.46 to £3.44 per Kilo
Copper Wire £0.74 to £0.97 per Kilo
Aluminium £0.10 to £0.74 per Kilo
Aluminium Cans £0.05 to £0.10 each
Clean Brass £0.75 to £1.25 per Kilo
Mixed Brass £1.25 to £2.25 per Kilo
Stainless Steel £0.37 to £1.00 per Kilo
Iron £0.04 to £0.08 per Kilo
Lead £0.40 to £1.00 per Kilo
Car Batteries £2.50 to £5.00 each
Radiators £0.75 to £2.00 per Kilo

Now that you understand the value of your scrap metal you should be able to figure out if the scrap metal prices local scrap yards in Halifax are offering are competitive or not


Recycled aluminium cans can go from your bin to another aluminium product in only 60 days? Recycling Scrap Metal helps us look after our environment by reducing the amount of raw materials being used.

All scrap yards in Halifax purchase non ferrous metals such as Aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and more metals like these can be recycled time and time again and at the moment scrap yards in Halifax and throughout the UK are screaming out for all types of scrap metals and most are offering competitive scrap metal prices in Halifax. 

Above and on our homepage is a scrap metal prices guide on this you can view a rough value of scrap metal. Scrap yards in Halifax should offer prices similar to the ones displayed on the chart so you can still use the chart to get a rough idea of the true prices you should be offered for your scrap metals. 

Scrap Metal Recycling Prices Halifax

There a wide range of benefits of recycling scrap metal in Halifax, not only can it make you some extra cash, it also massively helps us keep the planet clean. We do not need to scour our planet for more materials if we reuse them over and over again. Scrap metal can be reused hundreds of times, saving thousands of pounds worth of energy. Not only that, but Halifax scrap yards also help to ensure that all of our metal using industries have the materials to keep running, without allowing all of the valuable scrap metal pieces simply ending up in a landfill.

Types Of Scrap Metal You Can Sell For Top Prices Per KG/Tonne in Halifax

In Halifax and many other towns and cities Scrap Metal is generally broken down into various different types of subdivisions, ferrous metals and non ferrous metals. There are other types of scrap metal that will usually be accepted by scrap yards in Halifax, these are detailed more thoroughly below: 

Types of machinery from industrial facilities.

Metallic waste produce from industrial facilities.

Non-functional motor vehicles including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and more.

Examples of ferrous scrap metals Halifax scrap yards will pay top prices for include various types of copper, lead, aluminium, iron, brass and steel. These types of metal are regularly located within ordinary Halifax household appliances and utensils. All in all you will find that recycling ferrous scrap will usually return substantially lower scrap metal prices than non ferrous scrap. Do not let this put you off recycling these types of metals because it is still possible to make a significant amount of money from it.

Examples of non ferrous scrap metals that Halifax Scrap Yards will be more than willing to buy include (these are the most popular forms) copper, aluminium, brass and more. 

Many people in Halifax are completely unaware of the widespread availability to scrap metal vendors who are exceptionally keen to purchase scrap metal every single day. While most Halifax scrap yards have specific standards for each individual type of scrap metal, if you meet these then it couldn't be easier to turn your materials into a great price using our scrap metal prices above. 

Some examples of the best metals to sell for top prices per tonne/kg in Halifax include aluminium; a number of different types of cabling, radiators, wheels, extrusion, sheets, castings and more. Similarly for copper there is cabling, coils, wires and a variety of different types of alloys too.

As you can see, determining the type of scrap that you possess can be a convoluted matter that is off putting for the majority of people. However, once you get past this step it is possible to make a lot of money by taking each piece to a scrap metal yard in Halifax.